Overview Plan 2014

Local Government

Vernon Hill Ranch is located within Area C the North Okanagan Regional District. Development is governed by objectives and policies of the Rural Vernon Official Community Plan with individual land uses regulated by Zoning Bylaw No. 1888, 2003.  None of the Vernon Hill Ranch is located on land within the BC Agricultural Land Reserve.

The Total Area is 271.8 ha.  (672 acres) and abuts several million acres of public land to the east that is suitable for recreational purposes including cross-country skiing, hiking, fishing and ATV use


The original plan for Vernon Hill Ranch (now referred to as Boss Creek) was submitted with the first zoning application in 2007-8. While changes have been made since then to conform to governmental requirements, the concept remains the same. The community incorporates properties of varying sizes from 1 to 30 Hectares (2.5 to 70 Acres). Designed as a single family home neighbourhood, the Ranch will have a building scheme to establish aesthetic characteristics, building envelopes to protect environmental and privacy aspects while preserving green space zones on individual properties, and each property is designed utilizing up-to-date Fire Smart principles.

       Boss Creek is a neighbourhood adjacent to the city of Vernon  that will appeal to existing and future residents of the Okanagan Valley who wish to have view acreage properties in very close proximity to all of the amenities offered downtown.

The property is unique in its physical characteristics and location.  Guidelines have been adopted to protect this spectacular site including preservation of much of the natural wooded hillside, wildlife areas  and terrain features.  A Comprehensive Development Zone is being considered to suit the uniqueness of the site by establishing custom land and building use, parcel sizes, setbacks, public amenities and  trail networks




Boss Creek is intended to be a place that captures a country look and feel by supplying country amenities close to the city of Vernon.  It will provide areas to walk, trail ride and enjoy the beauty of the magnificent natural setting of Vernon Hill.  The livability of the neighbourhood is ensured by custom, hand-picked building sites with private views and hideaway areas. The large lot size enables each homeowner to  plant and grow a wide variety of fruit and vegetables to ensure quality, homegrown food.  Use of geo-thermal heating is recommended, and the hill is an ideal location to practice the economy of geo-thermal technology.  Each building site is carefully chosen to accentuate the amenities and livability of its location without impacting other properties in the neighbourhood.  Each element of the physical design and the lifestyle plan is intended to enhance the sense of community while providing the opportunity to live in a quiet place of retreat.  The foundation is being laid by the developer to meet the livability objectives of Boss Creek, and through the establishment of a Property Owners Association and a Design Review Committee, the neighbourhood will always continue to meet the objective of a country environment while creating innovative ways to accomplish the community goals.

Click here for detailed narrative as submitted with Sept 2014 subdivision application

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