Design, Construction & Use Guidelines (click here for complete .PDF)

No house should ever be on a hill 

or on anything. 

It should be of the hill. Belonging to it. 

Hill and house should live together 

each the happier for the other.

           - Frank Lloyd Wright-

        In order to protect the natural topography, vegetation and character of Boss Creek, the Design, Construction & Use  Guidelines have been established to provide guidance for all site and building development with the objective of protecting and enhancing the unique character of this significant hillside property. The Developer and the Design Review Committee (DRC) will administer and enforce these Guidelines which have been established to ensure an architectural and landscaped character that is appropriate for the wooded hillside environment of the Boss Creek.

         Until ninety (90) % of the lots are sold, the DRC will consist of the Developer and a professional architect/home designer from the local area and who is appointed by the Developer. Initially the DRC will be made up of the Developer and the Architect however as new owners close on their lot purchases, they will be encouraged to participate in the activities of the DRC and make their wishes known. Details of the DRC and ongoing management of the Development are included in the Association bylaws. Professional management from a professional property management company will be employed at all times to ensure that the legal, monetary and design responsibilities of the Homeowner Association are properly carried out and will be empowered to cast a tie breaking vote in the event of a tie on issues brought before the DRC and or the Association. A fee will be paid by the lot owners prior to construction for the DRC process. 

The DRC and their applicable fees will not replace local government approval nor their fees for services but are intended to supplement that approval with the specific neighbourhood objectives of Vernon Hill Ranch.

Design Philosophy

             With the primary objective of protecting and enhancing the environment, the requirements for the development of each home site are intended to focus on the preservation of the natural character of each property. In addition, the ability to seamlessly integrate the home into the specific site with minimal impact on the environment and surrounding properties is paramount.  It is critical that the design approach for every component of Boss Creek be compatible with the area and terrain of an “Okanagan Valley Architecture.”  The design guidelines shall encourage the design of homes and adjacent landscaping to be established based upon Regional Architectural Standards that respond to the climate, natural wooded hillside environment and informal character of outdoor style of living. Specific architectural details may vary from lot to lot depending on lot grade & views as well as architectural style. The decision of the DRC may be appealed by requesting a secondary review that may include a recognized architect of the homeowner’s choosing. All professional fees for such appeal will be borne by the Owner. It is the intent of this process to ensure that a complete and full understanding of the Owner’s intent is understood before establishing an absolute & final decision.

Design Review and Approval Process


This process will include consultation between the homeowner and the Boss Creek Design Review Committee (DRC) in order to assist, review and evaluate the proposed building design and site development. The DRC will consider the submittals for all improvements to assure compliance with the Design Guidelines as related to site design, landscaping, building height, setbacks, and building design including materials and colors.

The Design Review Process shall take place in four phases:

1)     Pre-design meeting between DRC, Owner and Owner’s architect.

2)    Preliminary Design Review of proposed site and building design concept.

3)    Final Design Review of proposed construction drawings for site design, building design, sewerage design, landscape design and storm water management.

4)    Landscape Review - a full set of plans required

5)    Construction monitoring.

6)    Final inspection - required prior to occupancy

7)    Subsequent changes - any significant changes after initial construction may require review and approval - see complete Design, Construction & Use Guidelines for further information  

In addition to the DRC process, the owner is obligated to obtain approvals from all local governing agencies that have jurisdiction over the Boss Creek development. Any variances to the development zone requirements will require approval of the local government and the Design Review Committee.

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