Here’s a copy of an answer to a question about trail access recently received form one of our neighbors

The answer is yes (to trail access) - Boss Creek has entered into an agreement with RDNO Parks to provide the right of way to allow trail access to and along the Gray Canal - we have dedicated the right-of -way from Galiano to the north boundary of our property that will follow along the old Gray Canal. In addition we have agreed to provide right-of-way for public trail from the bottom of our property to the top bordering on Crown Land so that hiking/horse access from the Gray canal portion on the bottom all the way to the top of the hill will be available. 

I think it may take a while for the actual trail building to be completed as that is the responsibility of Parks to do the construction. In the meantime, we are planning to establish some temporary routes for the use of our neighbors . As it stands now, you will be able to use existing roads to access the high portions of the hill as soon as the worst of the current construction is complete.- 30 days or so

We are not keen on motorized vehicles such as dirt bikes and ATV stirring things up however hikers and horses are welcome

We are planning to work out a plan for the close neighbor/ATV folks to use our roads on a limited basis - we’ll see how that works out and if not too much noise and dust etc, I hope we can make allowance for neighbors in the area to access the upper mountain on an ongoing basis


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