Our beautiful Ponderosa pines

We are carefully selecting the Ponderosa pines that have to be removed -- some are in road right of ways, but most are falling victim to the dreaded pine beetle infestation that is ravaging the west. Each tree is carefully being moved to a central site where we have a small band mill set up to cut these magnificent gifts of nature into beams & timbers for homes and structures to be built on the ranch. Sad in one way, but it is good that by transforming these trees they will continue to be a part of the beauty of Vernon Hill. Many of the Ponderosas will have to go, but with this aggressive attack on the beetles, we hope to save many pines

Our forestry consultant advises as follows: "I recommend that a salvage harvest or removal of any beetle infected areas be conducted  immediately. In addition, I would suggest that a thorough investigation of all Ponderosa pine within a 100m radius of the epicenter of any attacked trees be completed. Finally I would suggest that an ongoing program be put in place to monitor for western pine beetle activity on a yearly basis.

This Immediate aggressive removal is recommended as an attempt at stopping the spread of this infestation and help to prolong the life of the mature Ponderosa pine trees."

Wayne Wasiliew, R.P.F -.Wasiliew & Associates 

The good news is that the pines only represent a small portion of the trees on the ranch - most are not affected by the beetles and are made up of Douglas Fir, Larch, Poplar/Aspen, Cottonwood & Birch

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