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Now into 2020, we are preparing to move ito our next phase - still a couple of finshed  lots left for immediate construction start, with more coming on stream this fall.

2019 was a year of great progress. Paving and utilities are all complete with only minor exception.  Phase 1 (15 total lots) is completed and 8 lots are sold leaving 3 lots with homes and only 3 vacant lots left with one of those already spoken for. 

We are planning Phase 2 and expect to have lots available for reservation this fall

5 houses are currently under construction (2 completed) with several more expcected to break ground soon.

The Regional District Parks folks have been hard at work on trail design & building with the beginnings of the extensive trail network at Boss Creek beginning to take shape


Phase 1 update

Phase 1 construction complete !


The home stretch has really materialized with paving complete now, BC Hydro live and final water pressure testing done preparing for final connection to the main system. Still a myriad of small items to complete, but all the main items are done and ready for lot registration - 

11/29/18, 11:12 AM

Nearing completion of Phase 1

It has been a slow start this year with a late spring and all the rain, however with the weather now on our side, construction is moving along well at a good pace.

The water main is installed throughout Phase 1 and the pump stations for the water system are delivered on site with installation starting this week.

The “shallow utility” (BC Hydro, Telus, Shaw & Fortis Gas) work is underway with the expectation of paving start by month end. 

Final lot staking for registration purposes its underway with the buyers of the 7 lots sold under contract ready to take possession soon.

Development Progresses

Happy New Year !      We are now into winter and the new year of 2017. Our intention was to have the construction work completed for the roads and utility services by now, however various construction delays has us nearly there, but still more to do, with some of the work delayed because of the cold for another for another month or so.The earthwork for the Phase 1 road is complete including all the rock work blasting and most of the water main system is in the ground. 

 Several buyers are anxiously waiting to start construction of homes, so the homestretch pressure is on.


Here’s a copy of an answer to a question about trail access recently received form one of our neighbors

The answer is yes (to trail access) - Boss Creek has entered into an agreement with RDNO Parks to provide the right of way to allow trail access to and along the Gray Canal - we have dedicated the right-of -way from Galiano to the north boundary of our property that will follow along the old Gray Canal. In addition we have agreed to provide right-of-way for public trail from the bottom of our property to the top bordering on Crown Land so that hiking/horse access from the Gray canal portion on the bottom all the way to the top of the hill will be available. 

I think it may take a while for the actual trail building to be completed as that is the responsibility of Parks to do the construction. In the meantime, we are planning to establish some temporary routes for the use of our neighbors . As it stands now, you will be able to use existing roads to access the high portions of the hill as soon as the worst of the current construction is complete.- 30 days or so

Drone Video

We are progressing with construction and our sales team decided to share some of our new look as construction progresses by shooting a drone video - Warren Palmer and Gabriela Sladkova  of Okanagan Drone Productions appeared on site and proceeded to do a first class video of our development - here is a view of our #1 cut available now by clicking HERE 

Also, we are pleased to report that we have listed our lots on MLS just a couple of weeks ago and  6 pre-sales with deposits are already signed - that’s  Phase 1 half sold out - still have some great lots, and now is the time to make an appointment with ReMax Priscilla   (250) 549-7050    to come and for a personal tour of some of the best homesite in the Okanagan Valley 

Construction Continues

A contract was signed Postill & Nixon Earthworks of Coldstream to construct the road and utility improvements for Phase 1. They are 3rd generation local contractor with an impeccable reputation and we are pleased to be working with them. They have been hard at work for some time now and the rough earthwork for the first kilometer of roadway is substantially complete. We received the final approval from the Provincial Ministry for the construction work on the road last week so the work continues at a good pace with 4 large excavators and 3 giant rock trucks moving large quantities of material to create the road base.

An aerial photo and a rock blast video follow:

Aerial Photo of roadway

Video of Rock Blast

A contract was also signed last week for the sale of Lot 8 in Phase 1 to a wonderful family with 2 young children

Development Update

Just received our Development Permit from the Regional District of the North Okanagan - which allows us to start clearing road right-of-way, so piles of trees and brush are being readied in preparation for hauling off site.

Two families came along a few weeks ago and each purchased a wonderful view lot with the intention to begin building their new homes as soon as possible. This means that lots 5 and 12 are now off the market.

So far the only sales exposure we have encouraged is some word of mouth comment, however there is an increasing level enquiry coming our way even without any "grand opening” or advertising. Our intent has been to hold off on any sales effort until we have our new entry road at least rough graded. For those of a pioneering spirit, we are accepting “pre-sale” contracts with the opportunity of a good choice of lots and and some early bird benefits. Call Priscilla at (250) 549-7050 (ReMax) for more information

Approvals are in !

Getting ready for a New Year.

Moving forward - Finishing touches are now incorporated into the detail engineering drawings for our road construction and nearly all final approvals have been received from the various government entities.

Our Disclosure Statement is available online here

We’ve made a change

Times change, and we have changed our name from "Vernon Hill Ranch" to simply "Boss Creek". This change reflects an increasing interest in general outdoor pursuits, away from a singular emphasis on horses.   Miles of private and public  trails wind throughout the project for walking, hiking, horseback riding and just enjoying the peaceful serenity of the outdoors. In addition, "Boss Creek" backs up to an endless acreage of Crown Land suited for hiking, mountain biking, cross country skiing, ATV use, as well as, horse use & fishing.

Phase 1 Update

Our Phase 1 lot numbers have changed - see Phase 1 Amended Plan here - also each lot now has a lot number staked on it, so if you happen to be hiking in the area, you can identity each lot in accord with the new plan. We are starting design go the Welcome/Discovery center next week that will be built at the Entry Plaza.

We’re on a roll !

The BC Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure (MOTI) recent issued our Preliminary Layout Approval (PLA). This means that all of the all of the entities (Regional District, Interior Health etc) that have been asked to comment on out project have submitted their input and the final Approving Authority (MOTI) has issued its letter of approval including stipulations.

All of which means that we are very close to being able to proceed with the start of construction of Phase 1.

We still need to obtain the final blessing of the Real Estate Superintendent before setting prices and actually offering lots for sale, however that is expected to be a relatively routine process and should be in place soon

More to come …………….

jim Pitre

Boss Creek Development Ltd

Phase 1 Update

We’ve been getting numerous calls from interested parties wanting to know more about Vernon Hill Ranch with many having  the aim of reserving a lot. To date we have been unable to quote prices or accept reservations, however this is soon to change …….

The comment period for all entities including Provincial Ministries has now been completed clearing the way for Preliminary Layout Approval (PLA) from the Provincial Approving Officer. This paves the way for putting the finishing touches on our Public Disclosure Statement that will allow us to take lot reservations and book pre-sales.

Drop us a note at  and we’ll be happy to keep you informed directly of our progress

More to come soon !

Phase I subdivision submitted August 13, 2014

The Phase I subdivision for Vernon Hill Ranch is now submitted to the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure (MoTI) and has been initially reviewed with request for comment sent out to all appropriate authorities including the North Okanagan Regional District (RDNO). If normal timeframes are achieved, we expect preliminary approval by January 2015 which will enable construction start by Spring of 2015.

Phase I will include 1 and 2 hectare lots  (2.5 & 5 acre) - click here for plan

While the process has taken longer than we had originally hoped for, much has been accomplished in the intervening period since the original re-zoning. A clearly defined Parks/Trail agreement has been reached that will not only benefit Vernon Hill Ranch, but will be a significant asset for the Vernon community as a whole. The plan for a public trail network is now in place that will be a lasting reminder of the foresight used by both the Parks Department and the Developer. Engineering concepts are now in place and agreed in principle by all involved parties dealing with road access, water supply, fire prevention and drainage. The implementation details will be fine-tuned over this coming winter to enable an early spring start on construction making lots available in the summer of 2015

First three Lots subdivided

We are pleased to report that the first 3 lots associated with Vernon Hill Ranch are now officially registered. The added good news is that in a separate subdivision application, 4 more lots are expected to register within the next 60 days. This “Housekeeping” set of subdivisions paves the way for finalization of our overall subdivision approval later this year.

Parkland agreement adopted

Final agreement was adopted by the Regional District of the North Okanagan at the Nov 21/13 Board meeting. This agreement that was signed after many months of planning and negotiation paves the way for a network of public trails to cover the Vernon Hill development that will allow walking, hiking and horseback trail riding over much of the 600 acres of the property - click here for plan view

And the beat goes on

Here it is Christmas 2010 and work continues to move forward toward our goal of final subdivision approval ……..

In the meantime. Merry Christmas, and may 2011 be a wonderful one for you and yours!

Zoning Passed !

The North Okanagan Regional District voted unanimously in favor of final adoption of our re-zoning case on January 20, 2010.

Over the next year or two we will be completing the engineering work and other studies required for final subdivision approval.

Preliminary lot layout information of available lots will be posted later this year so keep an eye on this site -- we are looking forward to a busy year !

Development News July 22, 2008

Today was the date of our Public Hearing and vote by the District Board for 3rd & final reading. Zoning for 28 lots on 68 Hectares passed with one dissenting vote. Several people spoke both for and a small few against the project during the Public Hearing. Boss Creek's Planner, Nigel Hemingway spoke on behalf of the project and addressed the concerns voiced by the dissenting speakers answering their stated issues.

Final adoption of the zoning is yet to come pending finalization of the following "housekeeping" issues

1. A letter of undertaking has been received to register a Section 219 Restrictive Covenant on the subject properties that will require prior to subdivision approval:

o public access through the development to Crown Land in a form approvable by the Ministry of Transportation and the Regional District of North Okanagan, and

o an environmental impact assessment for all lands included in the development, and

2. The Agricultural Land Commission has approved the proposed access route through the Agricultural Land Reserve lands in Lot 78 and Lot 79, Plan 351, and

Official Public Hearing - July 22/08

Earlier this year we received comments of concern about the size and scope of our original plan from the North Okanagan Regional District staff and elected officials. As a result we scaled down  our application to a size approximately equivalent to our original Phase I submission and now our total rezoning application is for change to "Country Residential" zoning rather than a Comprehensive Development Plan including a total of 28 lots averaging 5 acres each. The narrative of the revised application can be viewed here

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